Fire & Medical Response

Individuals with developmental disabilities are 7 TIMES more likely to have 911 encounters than their neurotypical peers. – How would you respond?

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Our Training

Communication is the art and technique of using words effectively to impart information or ideas. But what do you do if the other person is non-verbal? Even still, what do you do if you need to communicate for that person in an emergency situation?

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“Keeping special children and young adults safe in life’s critical moments.”

Who We Are

Nebraska Parent & Responders Partnership started with an idea from a parent with a child on the autism spectrum, who recognized the gap of training and information for law enforcement and first responders on how to RECOGNIZE and RESPOND to those with special needs.

This idea quickly became a passion, as many others began to share the same vision:  to provide training and events that will ensure the safety of Nebraska’s special needs children & young adults.

What We Do

Renee Kiernan founded Nebraska Parent & Responders Partnership in 2010.  “It started as a result of my family’s personal emergency.”

When Renee’s autistic son was three years old, he had an accident.  “I called 911 and they told me I had 30 minutes to get him to the hospital before his heart stopped beating due to complications.”

After watching three EMT’s pin down her hysterical three year old son, she immediately knew something needed to be done.  “I was in such a state of shock watching this happen.  Even worse, I didn’t know how to communicate for my son.  I suddenly realized that as a parent, I needed training on how to advocate for his needs in an emergency.  Screaming, ‘He’s autistic.  Stop that!’ was not effective.  But honestly, I didn’t know what else to do.”

Renee’s son is happy & healthy now – and does not remember the traumatic event.  “When we got home, I made a call to my school district.  I thought the community could really benefit from training on how to identify and respond to special needs children and young adults.  I wanted a training program designed to allow emergency responders to better protect and serve the public, make the best use of their time, and avoid mistakes that could lead to lifelong trauma for all involved.”

Renee found out that she was not alone.  Not only was her city interested in the training, but the entire metro area had an interest as well.  Then training included the state of Nebraska.  Area Planning Regions and corporate sponsors wanted a part in making this event happen as well.

Soon, a Parent & Caregiver Training Session was developed.  “I felt so badly that I could not speak up for my son in the ER.  I wanted to do whatever it took to ensure another family did not have the same experience.” said Renee.

Preparing for an emergency incident may seem extreme for some families, especially when their child or loved one has not experienced an emergency in the past.  Yet, for many other families, addressing these emergencies the first time can be the worst time.  Being prepared can be invaluable before, during, and after an emergency situation.

Nebraska Parent & Responders Partnership is committed to providing resources, products, training and events that will help keep Nebraska’s special needs children and adults safe in an emergency.


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